October 08, 2015 / by Jasmine Lam

Interoperability Expert Says: New Accu-Chek Connect Is Big Step Forward!

Is Roche’s new Accu-Chek Connect meter, a big step forward in the world of diabetes device interoperability? We say ‘Yes it is!’

“Imagine having to buy a Samsung Galaxy only compatible Bluetooth speaker. What’s worse is what if your speakers wouldn’t work with Spotify? Pandora speakers anyone? Luckily we don’t have these problems with Bluetooth audio devices. But this is precisely the crappy situation that we have with diabetes devices.”

Our lead, Dr. Joe Cafazzo explains why the new Accu-Check Connect system is a breakthrough diabetes device that’s bringing us closer to having devices share a common language, a state where the rest of the diabetes device industry needs to get to.

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