November 27, 2017 / by Akib Uddin

Glucose and Continuous Glucose on FHIR

Interested in developing apps for glucose meters or continuous glucose monitors that work with FHIR? If so, check out our two latest apps - GlucoseOnFHIR and ContinuousOnFHIR.

GlucoseOnFHIR is an iOS application designed to collect data from a blood glucose meter that complies with the Bluetooth SIG Glucose Profile. The application can also upload records to a FHIR server. This application uses the CCGlucose iOS library (, to connect to the meter, and download glucose records. Download here or check out the sample code here.

The ContinuousGlucoseOnFHIR application demonstrates acquiring data from a Continuous Glucose Profile-compliant sensor, and uploading all necessary resources to a FHIR server. Download here or check out the sample code here.

Both apps are available on iOS. The Android builds are coming soon!

Check them out. If you have any questions about the apps or want to know more about our standards work, email us at

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